Honeycomb Shades, Celllular Shades In Denver, Golden & Arvada CO

Cellular Shades provide fashion, function and the highest degree of energy performance. Cellular shades (sometimes called cellular blinds or honeycomb shades) are one of the most versatile shades. At Windows, Walls & More in West Bloomfield, many of our customers are drawn to the highly versatile honeycomb shade—it might be right for you too! Create visually appealing rooms in your home when you decorate with honeycomb shades.

The honeycomb design provides a high level of energy efficiency and sound absorption. Then our exquisite collection of Honeycomb Shades are just what you're looking for. These shades can also be opened from the top and the bottom, giving you perfect control on the amount of light that enters the room.

One of the best products on the market for energy efficiency, the honeycomb shade has pockets that trap the cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Designed for easy care and durability, honeycomb shades are a great investment. They have a single, double or triple layered design that traps the air between the layers of the shade in individual cells to provide insulation.

Unlike some other types of shades, cellular shades are available in vertical as well as horizontal, making them perfect for sliding glass doors. Honeycomb Shades are available in hundreds of styles and colors in single, double and triple cell configurations. The most energy-efficient version of the classic style, these shades trap air, creating an extra layer of insulation to keep your home comfortable.

The new industry leader, Duette® Architella® Trielle, incorporates six layers of fabric, five insulating air pockets and the largest 1.5” pleat size, delivering 20% more energy efficiency than even our original Architella shades. Available in vertical and horizontal pleats, the Hunter Douglas honeycomb window treatment collection provides a unique and energy efficient method of dressing your windows.

Cellular shades keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and save money on your electric bill. Shades also provide the ultimate in privacy, UV protection, and light control. Available in both light filtering and room darkening materials, these smaller cells look great on smaller windows.

Many of the cellular shades boast high R-values—the measure of a product's ability to resist heat flow—helping reduce energy consumptions, save on heating and cooling costs and creating a more comfortable room setting. Not so with Applause honeycomb shades. Known for their superb insulation properties, exceptional color selection, and striking pleats, Cellular Shades are perhaps the most versatile window coverings you can buy.

Hunter Douglas honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design offers energy savings in both winter and summer. Then turn to the light-friendly solutions double cellular shades of Cellular Shades from 3 Day Blinds. Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows.

Triple cellular shades (also called honeycomb shades) can provide an R-value of up to 7.18, whereas a pleated shade averages about 2.5. This difference can be likened to the warmth-retaining difference between one layer of thin cotton and a quilt. ​Applause® honeycomb shades offer a streamlined selection of fabrics, colors and operating systems, including Vertiglide.

A tension pulley that neatly affixes to the wall or window casing allows for smooth, easy operation of your shades and makes the shade safer for children and pets. The original single- and double-honeycomb Duette® shades by Hunter Douglas come in multiple cell sizes, a horizontal or Vertiglide vertical orientation, and a range of light-control options from sheer to opaque.