Perkins Builders Review of The Stiletto TB II Titanium 15 Ounce Hammer.

Proejcts and Customers that used the Stiletto TB3MCSE

Stiletto TB3MCSE 15oz. Ti-Bone III Titanium Hammer with Milled Face and Curved Handle – Special Edition



The Special Edition STILETTO┬« 15oz. Ti-Bone III Hammer with Milled Face and 18in. Curved Handle has incredible power, a super lightweight, and a pain-free grip. The titanium hammer drives like a much larger 28 oz. steel hammer/ We recommend this titanium hammer for house framing, pole barn construction, concrete driving, and other remodeling projects. This titanium hammer has an anti-rotational face, preventing the face from breaking loose while in use. A durable grip on the handle will not crack or peel off at the handle. The hammer’s titanium build is a remarkable 45% lighter weight and performs with the identical striking power and energy as steel. Titanium tools generate up to ten times less recoil shock that helps lower the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. The lightweight hammer has a 180┬░ side nail puller that relieves 16 penny nails out in a single motion. It has Stiletto’s brand name magnetic nail starter. Such incredible features guarantee less downtime, more effectiveness, and most significantly lower pain while working.

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